"A lightweight versatile tool for precision gardening"

  • ​​ Lightweight at about 2 pounds.

  • The simple single tine design enables this hoe to get in virtually any space for weeding and aerating and will give you more control of your garden with less work.

  • Run it down the length of a row to form a neat seed trench.  Cover the seeds easily by turning it on its side and pushing the dirt in place.

  • Cultivate rose bushes and raspberries without getting a scratch.

  • Aerate squash and pumpkins by going right through the leaves and vines to reach the base of the plant.

  • Plant onions, carrots, and beets in "blocks" instead of traditional rows to double and triple harvest.

  • Easily cultivates between closely planted vegetables without disturbing their roots.

  • Great for in between sidewalk pavers and raised beds.  Even fits through bird netting.